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 Some new stuff on BOMP !

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PostSubject: Some new stuff on BOMP !   Wed Sep 22, 2010 11:59 pm

From the last bomp newsletter : enjoy
IGGY BUNDLE #1 - Iguana Chronicles 8 cd pack - Label:BOMP


(1) KILL CITY Old mix, now out of print. Last copies

(2) OPEN UP AND BLEED For the first time in one place, the complete
collection of songs that would likely have made up the Stooges' 4th album.
Drawn from rehearsals and live shows in the year following the release of
Raw Power, this album exhibits the creative output of the band during
their final days. Included are the CBS rehearsal tapes of 1973, live
performances from the subsequent tour, as well as a previously unreleased
alternate take of "Rubber Leg". The CD's also includes liner notes by
Stooges historian Frank Meyer, and cool artwork using photos drawn from
the same time period.

(3) CALIFORNIA BLEEDING The classic Bomp release featuring a selection of
the best from the band's five-day 1973 stint at the Whisky a Go Go in Los

(4) MICHIGAN PALACE - Live in Michigan, just months before they broke up,
a great concert never before released in the US. Our original master tape
has been cleaned up and given the highest possible quality. Even fans who
have heard this show before will find a noticeable difference in quality

(5) ROUGH POWER - On 'Rough Power Greg Shaw assembled many of the varying
'Raw Power' alternate mixes done by Iggy that have been in circulation,
including this infamous radio broadcast, The original 'Rough Power'
artwork has been preserved, but the back cover features previously
unpublished photos of the STOOGES taken in Detroit by Creem's editor and
photographer Robert Matheu.

(6) IGGY POP & the STOOGES - Wild Love- This album explores the creative
process that gave birth to nearly all the Stooges albums. Starting with a
jam session, an oldie or two, or maybe a blues riff, the songs gradually
took shape and were refined from there. Here we find the Stooges in
rehearsal, messing around with songs by Bo Diddley, Bob Dylan, Cream, and
the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. We hear the beginnings of songs that
never went any further, like "Old King Live Forever","I Come From Nowhere"
or "Wild Love", which had as much potential as any of their best material.
And we have some very impromptu jams such as "Move Ass Baby" and a
fascinating James Williamson solo performance. Much of this material has
never been heard before, in any form, as it's been buried in unmarked
tapes in the Bomp vaults. In addition, we've included a few songs that
have been out on European releases, but the versions here are either
completely different, or noticeably better in quality.

(7) IGGY POP & the STOOGES -Year of the Iguana
Here Bomp presents a superb compilation designed to sample its widely
acclaimed Iguana Chronicles series, documenting the different phases of
the Stooges' all-too-brief career. This CD's has 11 tracks, more than 50
minutes of music, including prev unrel. material, all specially remastered
for this release. Also includes stunning photos by Leni Sinclair as well
as liner notes by music historian/agitator and Bomp mentor Greg Shaw

(Cool DOUBLE DANGER - More Iguana Chronicles with two of the last, and
greatest, live recordings from their final tour: Latin Casino (Baltimore)
from 11/73 and the Academy of Music (NYC) from 12/31/73. Both include rare
tracks not normally featured in live recordings, and both are among the
most vicious, and best-recorded performances preserved on tape. The CD is
a double, with two complete live discs

8 CDs $55 SKU:12063

IGGY BUNDLE # 2- KIll City old mix PLUS new cd - Label:BOMP/ ALIVE

Old mix, LAST COPIES now out of print. Plus new digipack CD $22

IGGY BUNDLE # 3 - DELUXE 8 Iguana Chronicles CDs (SEE Bundle #1 for
details ) PLUS NEW Kill City digipack 9 TOTAL CD $65 SKU:12067

IGGY BUNDLE #4 - 5 Iguana Chronicles LP s - Label:BOMP


(1)KILL CITY (old mix ) LAST COPIES Ltd ed purple vinyl -

(2) ROUGH POWER - Out of print 10" version, last copies

(3) JESUS LOVES The STOOGES 10 Collector's 10" with a mondo-boffo 3D
cover. See Iggy's pouting lips in full 3D glory.
(4) CALIFORNIA BLEEDING 180 gram lp ltd. edition of the classic Bomp
release featuring a selection of the best from the band's five-day 1973
stint at the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles

(5) MICHIGAN PALACE - Color vinyl

5 LP for $40 SKU:12062

IGGY BUNDLE #5- KIll City old mix purple vinyl and new mix green vinyl
plus poster - Label:BOMP/ ALIVE New green vinyl mix plus the now out of
print old mix on purple vinyl. LAST copies LP $24 SKU:12065

IGGY BUNDLE #6 - DELUXE 6 LP pack with new Kill City & 5 Iguana
Chronicles LPs Label:BOMP NEW KILL CITY green vinyl lp with poster
PLUS the 5 records from bundle #4
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PostSubject: Re: Some new stuff on BOMP !   Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:53 pm

what's''new'' on this?
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PostSubject: Re: Some new stuff on BOMP !   Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:22 pm

Some coloured vinyls ?
Of course these are reissues, but I thought it'd be interesting for those who don't have everything...
Sorry if you're not one ! Bow Down
And I don't work for Bomp
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PostSubject: Re: Some new stuff on BOMP !   

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Some new stuff on BOMP !
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