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 Overview of Iggy Pop live at the Concert Hall in 1982

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PostSubject: Overview of Iggy Pop live at the Concert Hall in 1982   Thu May 31, 2012 9:50 pm

There's not much to say about this show, but I will have to say, it is probably the video of Iggy doing Fall in Love With Me, and some other songs...
One thing that is highly noticable is that Iggy has a pretty weak voice (just like on the U.S./Europe legs of the New Values tour), which thankfully would be back to normal by the 1983 'Breaking Point' tour....

This is the first Zombie Birdhouse tour show I've seen, so I am a bit curious to find more!
I'd give it a 3.5/5 stars (why I did it by the star system, I don't know why...)

Eat Or Be Eaten
Street Crazies
The Villagers
Fall In Love With Me
Life Of Work
Kill City
Search & Destroy
Ordinary Bummer
The Horse Song
Angry Hills
The Ballad Of Cookie McBride
Run Like A Villain
Bang Bang
Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell

Recommended listening from this show:
- Fall in Love With Me
- Loose
- Eat or be Eaten
- The Ballad of Cookie McBride
and - Run Like A Villain

link to the torrent:

Happy viewing!
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Overview of Iggy Pop live at the Concert Hall in 1982
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