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 the stooges s/t

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PostSubject: the stooges s/t   Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:52 pm

the stooges s/t LP original pressings

1969 US Original Pressing (Elektra 74051):

1969 US Original Pressing (Elektra 74051, with 'the stooges' on label) (JF collection):

1969 French Original Pressing (Elektra SLVLXEK415, laminated cover with flipback, alternate back cover, fake "Pop Music" sticker on front cover):

1969 Italian Original Pressing (Vedette 8105, alternate blue back cover) (JF collection):

the stooges s/t LP reissues

1972 French Reissue (Elektra 42032, 'B' price code on back cover) (JF collection):

1972 French Reissue (Elektra 42032, no price code on back cover):

197? US Reissue (Elektra 74051):

198? German Reissue (Elektra 42032):

2002 US Reissue (Sundazed LP 5149):

2005 US Reissue (2-LP Set) (Rhino/Elektra 8122-73237-1):

200? Counterfeit of 1972 French Reissue (Elektra 42032):

2010 US Reissue (Rhino/Elektra 74051):

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the stooges s/t
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