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 Revenge Records LP & EP (see also singles section)

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PostSubject: Revenge Records LP & EP (see also singles section)   Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:09 am

Revenge Records LP & EP (see also singles section)

Pure Lust (France 1987, Revenge CAX1):

Raw Power (France 1988, Revenge CAX2):

Death Trip (France 1988, Revenge MIG6):

Death Trip (Picture-Disc) (France 1988, Revenge MIG6P):

Gimme Danger (France 1988, Revenge CAX3):

Live At The Whyskey A Gogo (France 1988, Revenge MIG7):

She Creatures Of Hollywood Hills (France 1988, Revenge CAX4):

What You Gonna Do (France 1988, Revenge CAX5):

The Stooges Box Set (France 198?, Revenge CAX1-5):

My Gril Hates My Heroin (France 1989, Revenge MIG28):

I Got Nothing (France 1991, Revenge CAX8):

Till The End Of The Night (France 1991, Revenge MIG42):

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Revenge Records LP & EP (see also singles section)
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