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 Singles & EP

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PostSubject: Singles & EP   Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:19 am

Singles & EP

1969/Real Cool Time (Mono) (France 1969, Elektra INT. 80209):

Down On The Street/I Feel Alright (1970) (France 1969, Elektra INT. 80252):

Shake Appeal~Search And Destroy/Jess Ed Davis (US 1973, Playback AS 47) (JF collection):

I Got A Right/Gimme Some Skin (US 1977, Siamese PM 001):

I'm Sick Of You/Tight Pants ~ Scene Of The Crime (US 1977, Bomp EP 113):

T.V. Eye/I Feel Alright (? 197?, No Label):

Gimmie Danger/I Need Somebody (free single with Rubber Legs LP) (France 1987, New Rose/Fan Club Stooges 1):

I Got A Right/No Sense Of Crime (France 1987, Revenge SS1):

Johanna/Purple Haze (France 198?, Revenge SS6):

5 EP Box (France 1988, Revenge CARLT.01):

T.V.Eye ~ 1970/What You Gonna Do (SS7):

Till The End Of The Night/I'm Sick of You (SS9):

She Creatures Of Hollywood Hills ~ Tight Pants/Jesus Loves The Stooges (SS10):

Open Up And Bleed/I Got A Right ~ Gimme Some Skin (SS11):

Nowhere/Consolation Prizes ~ Johanna (SS12):

Open Up And Bleed Pt.1/ Open Up And Bleed Pt.2 (? 198?, No Label):

My Girl Hates My Heroin/How It Hurts (France 1989, Revenge SS17):

She Creatures Of Hollywood Hills/Untitled (free single with Spiral Scratch Mag Issue 5) (UK 1989, Scratch 5):

I'm Sick Of You/Tight Pants ~ She Creatures Of Hollywood Hills (France/Russia 1990, Revenge/Melodia C92 30483):

I Got A Right/Gimme Some Skin (US 1991, Bomp BMP 139):

I Got Nothing/Cock In My Pocket (UK 1998, Jungle Jung 61):

1970 (Mono)/Not Right (John Cale Mix) (US 2005, Elektra/Rhino, R7 73206):

I Wanna Be Your Dog/Real Cool Time (John Cale Mix) (US 2005, Elektra 8122-73213-7):

Down On The Street (Mono)/T.V. Eye (Take 9) (US 2005, Elektra 8122-74551-7):

Search And Destroy/Penetration (US 2005, Sundazed S173):

1969/Real Cool Time (Record Store Day) (US 2009, Elektra INT. 80209):

Asthma Attack Pt.1/Asthma Attack Pt.2 (Issued with The Stooges s/t Collector's Edition) (US 2010, Elektra/Rhino RHM2-523612):

Raw Power /Search And Destroy (Reissued with Raw Power Deluxe Edition) (US 2010, Sony/CBS SOPB 244):

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Singles & EP
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