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 London show 1972

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PostSubject: Re: London show 1972   Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:07 pm

andrew wrote:
mc wrote:
Hi JN,

wonder if your getting it confused with the Mick Rock photography display at the Scala which I think was late 90's.  I went along to view it and basically it was just a number of poster size photos of the Stooges in 1972 on the wall.  I did get some good photos of the photos mainly stuff from his book I think.

Another possibility: There was a talk and film show by Clinton Heylin at the Scala to promote his book "From the Velvets to the Voidoids", so must have been '93 I guess. I was there. He did show some Stooges footage as part of that but it was just the usual 1970 Cincinnati stuff.

Also, as I recall, the promotion for this made reference to the Kings Cross Cinema Stooges gig, so might have led to confusion.

Think Andrew is right,I know the man who did the videos for ''from the velvets to the voidoids''together with clinton ,and he does'not have stooges at the Scala and he believes it does NOT exist......sadly
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PostSubject: Re: London show 1972   Fri Jul 26, 2013 12:48 am

Reading John Lydon's autobiography just now - and very puzzled by a passage about how unnecessary he feels bass players are.  Specifically why did they bother replacing Glen Matlock with Sid Vicious.  

He writes 'I had seen Iggy Pop and Ron Asheton play as a duo at King's Cross.  It didn't strike me as particularly radical.'  The sense seems to be that Iggy and Ron duetting without a bass player (and presumably without a drummer) wasn't as bizarre as you might expect.  

'I had seen Iggy Pop and Ron Asheton play as a duo at King's Cross.'

??!??! What the heck is he talking about?!?!?
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London show 1972
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