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 Iggy's Fav Motown songs

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PostSubject: Iggy's Fav Motown songs   Iggy's Fav Motown songs Icon_minitimeSat Dec 20, 2008 2:47 pm

not sure about where to put this bit, so here it is

Iggy Pop: My Second-Favourite Motown Song!10:59 AM GMT 18/12/2008
...TV ON THE RADIO, from Mojo

Iggy Pop on Mary Wells’s My Guy

Mary Wells
My Guy
(Motown 7-inch, 1964)

Iggy Pop: “The musicians used… I can’t remember the cut… it might be Indian Summer (actually it was California Sunset – Ed) but whatever it was, the opening motif was part of what was a very familiar tune at the time, a song so big that you’d hear it on the muzak if you went to dinner with your parents at a nice hotel. So immediately you heard My Guy and it was obvious that the guys playing it had a sense of humour. You can also see them, the musicians in the studio, scratching their heads and saying, ‘Well, we got the song, but what can we go in with?’ ‘Hey! How about this? I play this afterhours at the Brass Rail Supper Club.’ It’s kinda funny, but it gives depth to the music that they were making and it shows the grounding that some many of those guys in the Motown house band had.

“Lyrically, My Guy is very knowing. It’s kind of insulting because the guy’s not a movie star, there’s another guy that’s better built than him, he’s not even handsome! She ends up telling it like it is and giving it to him, even though it’s dressed up as a cute song.”

Iggy Pop’s absolute all-time favourite Motown song is Money by Barrett Strong. Read this month’s MOJO magazine for his appreciation, plus great pieces on 99 more Motown classics!
Posted by Ross_Bennett at 10:59 AM GMT 18/12/2008

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Iggy's Fav Motown songs
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