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 Iggy and George Clinton almost got married

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Iggy and George Clinton almost got married Empty
PostSubject: Iggy and George Clinton almost got married   Iggy and George Clinton almost got married Icon_minitimeWed May 04, 2011 4:17 am

I was reading an article about Funkadelic, and came across a section of an interview that I thought you guys might find funny:

MILLS: We heard about a publicity stunt in Detroit – this must’ve been during the freak-out period – where you and Iggy Pop were supposed to get married?

CLINTON: We always [hung out with] the same “Bad Boys of Ann Arbor” crew. Amboy Dukes, Ted Nugent, and Iggy and the MC5. And we’d just bullshit, we would try to come up with all kind of ways – Alice Cooper was from there. So it was always about theatrics. Iggy said, “We ought to get married. That would make a nice crazy-ass story.” But Creem didn’t pick it up because they knew we was all goofing anyway.

ALEXANDER: So it didn’t go anywhere?

CLINTON: Naw, it didn’t go anywhere. It went further these last few years when people have heard it, since he’s got straighter, I’ve probably gotten straighter. People pay more attention to it now than they did back then.

MILLS: It was Iggy’s idea?

CLINTON: I think it was my manager’s idea, I think – Cholly Bassoline, who was really close to Iggy and all of them too. He just said it, I laughed about it, Iggy laughed about it. It was like, whatever you could do.
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Iggy and George Clinton almost got married
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