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 Song written for the Stooges

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PostSubject: Song written for the Stooges   Song written for the Stooges Icon_minitimeFri Sep 02, 2011 3:50 am

When Raw Power came out in 1973 I was just blown away by James great lead guitar and all of the songs. But I remember how upset that I was that there was no song with the year in it as had been on the first two ! I guess that I just expected it ! So I was in the 9th grade, 15 years old. I was in the schools library reading New Yorker magazine which mentioned the Stooges famous Kings Cross concert. The Stooges was about the only music that I listened to at the time. Mick Ronson and Johnny Thunders -the only others that I cared for at the time. Someone from France asked me how that I knew The Stooges played 'I'm Hungry" from a comment that I made. Thank God that my parents never threw anything away as I left home in 1976 and did not return to Arkansas till the mid-1990's ! When I located the magazine that I took from the library, it had this song that I wrote for The Stooges with it ! I was influenced by all Stooges news at the time: Creem, PRM, Circus, Crawdaddy, letters, and my first visit to Detroit back then in which I saw The Sheik wrestle at Cobo Hall . I have the Body Press program from that card as well. I do recall practicing that song on a Silvertone guitar around that time. But I put it away and just this week pulled it out along with that article. Here are the lyrics !

1971 song wtitten by Anthony Albert May 1973


1971 label-less, living in London
Fakin' it rich
it's the losers leave town
with a Great Lakes Bloodhound ( chorus )

Out west sleeping four in a bed
Eating day old bread
Our beach towel lumped with crescent wrench
Your dangerous friends city livin' stench.


You got a perfect fit
Silver gloves and an used drum kit
Number two pencil in the eye
With an ax handle, wave goodbye .


( then spoken )
deep, deep, in deeper, dig a hole !
with aces and eights-you better fold !

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Song written for the Stooges Empty
PostSubject: Re: Song written for the Stooges   Song written for the Stooges Icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2011 12:26 am

thats cool! I wonder if they would play it. Smile
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Song written for the Stooges
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