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 Raw Power

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PostSubject: Raw Power   Raw Power Icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2012 9:22 pm

Raw Power LP – original pressings

1973 US Original Pressing (Columbia KC 32111):
Raw Power Rawpowerusback.thRaw Power Rawpowerus.thRaw Power Rawpoweruslbl.thRaw Power

1973 UK Original Pressing (CBS S 65586):
Raw Power Rawpowerorigukback.thRaw Power Rawpoweroriguk.thRaw Power

1973 Canada Original Pressing (Columbia C 32111):
Raw Power Rawpowercanadaback.thRaw Power Rawpowercanada.thRaw Power

1973 Italy Original Pressing (CBS S 65586):
Raw Power Rawpoweritback.thRaw Power Rawpowerit.thRaw Power

1973 Spain Original Pressing (CBS S 65586):
Raw Power Rawpowerspainback.thRaw Power Rawpowerspain.thRaw Power

1973 Holland Original Pressing (CBS S 65586):
Raw Power Rawpowerhollandback.thRaw Power Rawpowerholland.thRaw Power
Some copies have stickered sleeve:
Raw Power

1973 Australia Original Pressing (CBS SBP 234317):
Raw Power Rawpowerausback.thRaw Power Rawpoweraus.thRaw Power

1973 Japan Original Pressing (CBS/Sony SOPL 194):
Raw Power Rawpowerjapanback.thRaw Power Rawpowerjapan.thRaw Power

Raw Power LP – reissues

1976 US Reissue (Columbia PC 32111):
Raw Power Rawpowerusreback.thRaw Power Rawpowerusre.thRaw Power

1977 UK Reissue (CBS/Embassy 31464):
Raw Power Rawpowerembassyback.thRaw Power Rawpowerembassy.thRaw Power

1977 UK Reissue (CBS/Embassy 31464 – second version):
Raw Power Rawpowerembassy2back.thRaw Power Rawpowerembassy2.thRaw Power

197? Holland Reissue (CBS 65586):
Raw Power Rawpowerhollandreback.thRaw Power Rph70re.thRaw Power

198? Canada Reissue (Columbia WC 32111):
Raw Power Rawpowercanadaback.thRaw Power Rawpowercanada.thRaw Power

198? Holland Reissue (CBS 32083):
Raw Power Sreback.thRaw Power Sref.thRaw Power

1989 Australia Reissue (Au-Go-Go Anda 79):
Raw Power Rawpowerausreback.thRaw Power Rawpowerausre.thRaw Power

199? US Reissue (180g) (Columbia PC 32111):
Raw Power Rawpower180gback.thRaw Power Rawpower180g.thRaw Power

1997 UK Reissue (Remix) (Columbia 65586):
Raw Power Rawpowerremixback.thRaw Power Raw Power

199? UK Reissue (Remix) (Simply Vinyl/Columbia S125018):
Raw Power Rawpowerremixsvback.thRaw Power Rawpowerremixsv.thRaw Power

2006 US Reissue (Rob LoVerde Mastering) (Sony/Columbia KC32111):
Raw Power Rawpowerrlmasteringback.thRaw Power Rawpowerrlmastering.thRaw Power

2010 Holland Reissue (+Remix) (Music On Vinyl/Columbia MOVLP 070):
Raw Power Rawpowermusiconvinylbac.thRaw Power Rawpowermusiconvinyl.thRaw Power

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Raw Power
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