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 New CD of Raw Power

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PostSubject: New CD of Raw Power   New CD of Raw Power Icon_minitimeSat Jun 01, 2024 7:01 pm

Hi Guys,

There is a new CD release of Raw Power imminent. Includes a couple of "alternate" Iggy mixes:

There is also a 2-LP vinyl version including the Bowie and Iggy mixes, but there is no mention of the "alternate" mixes:
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PostSubject: Re: New CD of Raw Power   New CD of Raw Power Icon_minitimeMon Jun 17, 2024 11:37 pm

Iggy's mix of Raw Power was really good, an improvement over the original most would agree, so any alternates mixes are welcome. Though in fairness to Bowie, whose mix has stood the test of time, he had a lot less time to work on it than Iggy did. But as with the 50th anniversary release of Raw Power, this release contains absolutely no unreleased material. Pink Floyd recently did reissues of Dark Side Of The Moon and Animals which also contained no unreleased material and the reason for that I heard was that because Floyd hadn't sold their music catalog yet like Dylan and Springsteen had, it was worth a lot more the more unreleased material there was. So I'm wondering if the same principle is at work here. Obviously the first two Stooges albums would appear to have been milked dry. But based on that Spanish titled bootleg that came out some years ago, there could be a substantial amount of alternate takes from Raw Power that remain unreleased, which would undoubtedly enhance its value on the open market, whatever that might be.
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New CD of Raw Power
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