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 Stooges write up, 1971

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PostSubject: Stooges write up, 1971   Stooges write up, 1971 Icon_minitimeThu Jul 03, 2008 4:20 am

How the Stooges got written by a paper in Kingston Jamaica who knows.
But here it is.

The Daily Gleaner
Kingston, Jamaica
Thursday, Feb. 18, 1971

Headline: New star in the Pop World

LONDON - He's different, all right — what's more he's a new face, arriving; Just at the time; when the old faces are vanishing.
And he's got appeal which has been likened to an angry magnet . .
For good measure, he's also been called: "Probably the world's number one singing street punk of all time — the Elvis-Jagger-Morrison tradition
gone completely beserk."
Iggy's his name — singer with the Stooges a foursome really whipping up the headlines in the States.
And if you think pop has got wilder, this bunch could turn out to be the wildest yet. Man, they play rock and roll . . . and
they play it loud.
So far, the lads have produced only one album — In The Fun House (Elektra). Nonetheless it gives a good idea of what they
sound like - the voice of Iggy, the guitar of Ron Asheton, the drums of Scott Asheton and the bass of Dave Alexander.
But it's what Iggy gets up to on stage, most of it unprintable, that tugs in the American crowds.
He says: "Sometimes I call some punk in the audience who's been making some remarks about us. But they never come up on stage. They wait until the show's over and lay for me."
He dances around, whips himself with the microphone lead, draws blood from his chest with a broken drum-stick or a cymbal, shouts, rants and raves.
Maybe, technically, it's not entertainment, but it's definitely eye-popping impact.
He says: "When I get upset, upset because of the tremendous rush, I'll start to cry or scream or something like that — and that's when a lot of things happen on stage.
'And those audiences — they can see every move I make and I can't see any Of them. So they have a beautiful anonymity they're like thieves. The audience are like thieves they just sit there and steal from you."
So he gives them plenty to "steal". A Flamenco dance, maybe . . . or he'll crouch at the edge of the stage and launch himself head-first like a diver into the crowd.
The Stooges' music is pretty basic, built round a sort of Bo Diddley bass pattern and a droning guitar. But there is Iggy wearing his low-cut blue jeans that stop short about a centimeter from indecency.
Mark my words they're getting a huge reputation in the States. And their threat is: Britain next, then the rest of the world! — F.F.
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world's forgotten boy

world's forgotten boy

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Stooges write up, 1971 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stooges write up, 1971   Stooges write up, 1971 Icon_minitimeThu Jul 03, 2008 5:08 am

Nice article man... Maybe the one of the few "good" reviews they were getting back then... I Like how his not aware of their first album and calls 'Funhouse', 'In The Fun House'... Thanks man, Great Read! Smile
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Stooges write up, 1971
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